Patrick Reed: The Best Way to Twirl a Club

January 15, 2015

I see nothing wrong with twirling a club after a good shot. It’s both validation and reward–two positive emotions that can fuel good rounds. My twirl is more subdued than some of the other guys’. It’s about acknowledging me, not showing up an opponent. Here are the key steps:

1. Hold your finish for a count, and as you’re watching the ball fly straight at your target, allow both arms to gently fall toward the left side of your torso. If the ball is slicing toward a hazard, stop here.

2. As your arms fall, loosen your hold on the grip and use your right forefinger and thumb to spin the shaft clockwise. Once the club begins spinning, completely let go of the club so it drops straight down.

3. Start walking now, and as soon as you feel the hosel slide through your left hand, grip the club and stop its fall. Get the timing right, and you’ll look as smooth as a Tour winner.

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