Our Top 100 Teacher-Tested Training Aid Gift Guide

December 1, 2011

If you're like us, you need to hide the phone when you watch those Golf Channel infomercials that promise to help you groove a consistent swing or add 15 yards to your drives. The truth is that some training aids do work. That's why we asked our Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers to recommend the best ones, so you'll know what to ask for on your holiday wish list.

GripIt Rite
$20; gripitrite.com
Endorser: Developed by Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Henry Brunton
The grip is perhaps the most important fundamental in the game of golf, so if you're looking to improve, perfecting the way you hold the club is a great place to start. The GripIt Rite promises to check, correct and reinforce a proper grip by encouraging precise finger and hand placement. With the right grip, your shots will not only be longer and straighter, but you'll also benefit from improved skill, confidence and feel. The trainer is easily attached and removed to your own clubs, making it an ideal range companion.

Grip4orce Shot Dot Glove
$30; grip4orcegolf.com
Endorser: Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Rod Lidenberg
If you've ever wondered how to hit a fade or a draw at will without changing your swing, this product is for you. The Shot Dot Glove allows you to hit the shot you want by simply changing your grip position. Here's how it works: the glove includes dots with three colors: red, green, and yellow. Each color corresponds to a shot shape (red=fade, green=straight, yellow=draw). All you need to do when you grip the club is position your hand so that the appropriate color for your desired shot shape is visible at address. To double-check that you're in the right position, there are three additional dots on the palm of the glove. The color you can see at address should also be the color that matches up with the top of the handle of the club on your palm. You can use the Shot Dot Glove to enhance your natural shot shape, improve consistency and straighten out errant slices and hooks.



$30; tourangle144.com
Endorser: Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Steve Bosdosh
Based on an independent Tour player study that revealed that Tour players' forearm-to-shaft ratio consistently averages 144 degrees,  the TourAngle144 slips between the middle- and ring-finger of your top hand while you grip the club and promises to help you perfect your posture and incorporate a one-piece takeaway. The device also teaches you to delay the clubhead's release until impact to help you achieve maximum distance and power. If you struggle with casting the club or continual slices, the TourAngle144 will give you instant feedback. In addition to the TourAngle144, the entire package includes a carry pouch, an instructional pamphlet, a DVD by Steve Bosdosh, and a sample pack of "Four Yards More" tees.  

PX3 Custom Mouthwear Lower Max Airflow SIS
$275; px3mouthwear.com
Endorser: Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Scott Munroe is the Director of PX3 Performance Golf
We know what you're thinking: a mouth guard for golf? All we can say is, don't knock it 'til you try it. Unlike contact-sport athletes, golfers don't make dental protection a priority, so the Lower Max Airflow SIS is designed to place your jaw in a position that will optimize your physiological function. That means improved breathing, posture and nerve function, among other benefits. Once you purchase the kit, all you need is five minutes to complete a self-impression fitting, which you then send to the lab. Your customized mouthwear is returned to you via a self-addressed pre-paid return shipping package that is included in your kit. The next step? Enjoy the benefits of your new and improved jaw position.

$80; pivotpro.net
Endorsers: GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teachers Jerry Mowlds and Kip Puterbaugh are fans
If you're looking for a training device that can remedy a plethora of golf ills, the PivotPro is for you. By strapping your foot into the device, you are forced to keep your weight on the inside of your back leg, which encourages a full coil on the backswing that in turn produces power, consistency, proper weight distribution and footwork. The PivotPro is lightweight, easily mobile, and helps prevent hip swaying, slicing, hooking and coming over the top. You can use the device indoors or at the range, with the freedom to use your own clubs to hit full shots, including pitches, chips and even bunker shots. No matter what part of your game needs work, you can rest assured that with the PivotPro, you'll be on-plane.