Our Best Putting Tip! Use the Upper Face


Issue: April 1986
Instructor: John Hall
Demonstrated by Top 100 Teacher Todd Sones

The Tip

When you make your putting stroke, picture the top half of your putterface striking the ball before the bottom half. Don’t try and hit down on the ball — just get a feel that the leading edge is lagging slightly behind the top edge.

Why It Works

This is a case of “feel over real” — it’s impossible to exercise such minute control over your putter. But it does get you into the good habit of keeping your left wrist firm through impact. Most of your problems arise when you allow the putterhead to pass your hands on your forward-stroke, a move that adds loft and causes you to come up short.

The Top 100 Says

“I hadn’t heard of this one, but I like it! The top and bottom halves of your putterhead are in a race, and the top always wins — a descriptive, kinesthetic and visual way to eliminate a common problem. Good putters lead the putter into impact with their hands and take loft off the face. Poor putters do just the opposite. You should definitely try it.” — Bill Forrest

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