The one-hop-and-stop pitch

The one-hop-and-stop pitch

Kick knee to target
Angus Murray

If you want to be cooler than the other side of the pillow, you gotta have the one-hop-and-stop shot. You’ve seen the pros do it: From about 25 yards out, they pick the ball off the turf so it bounces once on the green and then puts on the brakes right by the hole. It’s cool and it leaves an easy tap-in.

• You’ll need a clean lie in the fairway and your sand wedge.

• Play the ball one inch back of center in your stance with your clubface square to the target. Your hands should be slightly in front of the ball [left].

• Apply a little extra grip pressure with the last three fingers of your left hand. This will come in handy in just a moment.

• Keep your weight centered throughout your swing. Take the club back to waist height and then accelerate down through the ball.

• Kick your right knee toward the target as you reach impact. This will get you moving onto your left foot and ensure ball-first contact.

• Don’t release the club. Instead, maintain that little extra grip pressure and you’ll keep the club pointing at the target.

• Follow through to knee height, and rotate your body and hands around to your left.

Brian Crowell is head golf professional at Leewood Golf Club in Eastchester, N.Y.

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