The O-Factor

The O-Factor

Ben Hogan through impact — left hip up and to the left.

Top 100 Teacher Robert Baker shows you how to …

• Turn your hips the O-Factor way for greater distance
• Avoid slice-causing flaws like coming over the top and reverse-pivoting
• Make contact with the ball on the sweet spot of your club every time

There are dozens of ways to increase the speed of your swing and pound the ball farther off the tee, but when you increase the oomph, you put additional emphasis on the need to hit the ball straight — the harder you hit the ball, the farther
into the weeds it’s going to fly if you don’t square the clubface up perfectly at impact.

The longest hitters in the history of the game — from Nicklaus to Norman to Woods — understood that the secret to launching massive, straight drives is an aggressive and powerful hip turn that starts immediately as you begin your downswing and pulls your left hip not only to the left of the target, but also up. This raised left hip is your O-Factor, and the
greater its angle, the better. It’s a simple move that sends your swing speed off the charts and, better yet, works with every club in your bag.

Click on the links at left to see GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Robert Baker demonstrate the O-Factor, how you can start doing it, and how Tour players make it work for them.


When most experts talk about Ben Hogan’s powerful swing they key on the tremendous distance the clubhead lagged behind his hands in his downswing. But Hogan’s really impressive move — even though he didn’t call it the O-Factor — was tilting his left hip toward the sky. Establishing this angle — Positive O-Factor — allowed for the lag, and it’s why a diminutive player like Hogan could rip the ball. Today, other physically unimposing Tour players use the same technique.

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