The New Fundamentals

The New Fundamentals


IT’S EASY TO FORGET that your game comes down to repeatedly executing a few basic fundamentals. And that’s the thing about the basics: Because you must do them every time, you tend to forget about them in the way that you don’t really think about tying your shoes — you just do it. But since there is so much movement and focus required in your swing and the preparation for it, if you don’t think about the basics you’ll pay for it on your scorecard. There is something about the fundamentals of your game that you also may not have considered: The game has changed. Your equipment has changed, and so, too, have the methods to wield it. Our all-star collection of Top 100 Teachers have researched the moves you’ve been using — both the bad and outdated — and replaced them with new and improved ones that will turn your game around in a single practice session. Forget what you know — the New Fundamentals are here.


1 How to Aim at Your Target
2 How to Shift Your Weight
3 How to Add Power
4 How to Start Down


5 How to Blast It Out
6 How to Chip It Clean


7 Grip Your Putter
8 Roll It Pure

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