Never 3-Putt Again

Never 3-Putt Again


Three putting remains the single-greatest score-wrecker this side of that stupid out-of-bounds rule. True, it has made the vernacular of the game much more colorful, but when you “take up residence in Three-Jack City” or “go work for Ol’ Mr. Threewiggle,” you’re simply using humor to disguise the pain. And, man, does it hurt.

A third putt is a stroke you can never have back. But it’s also one you can very easily erase from your scorecard. The key is to change your take on why you do it.

Your three-putt flaws may start from as far away from the hole as 100 yards, or take shape when you’re in tap-in range. Thanks to the help of Dave Pelz and other members of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, you can now determine exactly why you three-putt and, more importanty, stop doing it once and for all.

Fix your short game
  • Stop skulling chips
  • Stop coming up short on pitches
  • Stop leaving yourself the wrong first putt
  • Stop settling for just gettin it out of bunkers
  • One distance, three shots
  • Why you miss with your wedges
  • Fix your lag putting
  • Use your body to roll putts on line
  • Learn the pop piston stroke
  • Fix your short putting
  • Be a green-reading detective
  • How to make a money stroke
  • How to nail your alignment
  • Try a split grip for better accuracy