Make Your Weak Slice Extinct

Make Your Weak Slice Extinct

It’s not uncommon when your hands are full with grocery bags to bump the car door closed with your hip. Starting your downswing with that same motion will help you straighten out lazy slices that make you feel like you’ll never hit another clean shot.

The Drill

  • Open your car door all the way, then get in your address position with your stance parallel to the side of the car and your left hip resting against the outside of the door.
  • Swing back to the top, then bump your left hip forward, toward your imaginary target, to start the downswing.
  • This will shut the door–and keep you from ruining your paint job on the follow-through.

Use this image to avoid coming over the top, which usually leads to a weak slice. By starting down with a shift of your left hip, you’ll have enough room to drop the club straight down so it approaches the ball from the inside. That’s the path to ideal contact.

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