Make Your Chips Stop Fast

Make Your Chips Stop Fast

Tiger Woods touch around the greens has helped him win scores of tournaments.
Robert Beck/SI

Raw power isn’t enough to win a truckload of majors in the modern era, and Tiger knows that. These are the three key elements to Tiger’s imaginative and dominating short game.

Hinge Factor: Setup & Backswing
• Get the club up fast by hinging your wrists. Maintain that wrist angle for a sharply descending blow on the ball.
• Weight evenly distributed over both feet in a narrow stance.
• Ball one inch back of center; i.e., at the bottom of his swing arc.

No Scooping
• Tiger’s hands remain ahead of the clubhead at impact. He doesn’t try to help the ball into the air by “scooping it.” You shouldn’t either.
• Weight shifts to front side.
Finish low
• Hips rotate slightly toward the target. This keeps the arms and body in sync, aiding in distance control.
• Clubhead finishes below hands, face pointed to the sky.
Drill: Imagine Better Chips

Pretend there’s an egg resting between your wrists when you chip. If you try to scoop under the ball you’ll crush the egg. Maintain the ideal wrist position—hands leading the clubhead—and you’ll make solid contact and keep the egg in one piece. That’ll come in handy at your imaginary breakfast.

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