Lose Your Overshift

Lose Your Overshift

Fault: Swaying too far right in your backswing

What it is An excessive upper-body weight shift

You know you’re doing it when…

Your upper body gets outside of your right leg and the leg straightens. Higher handicappers will hit a lot of ground balls, pull-hooks and even the occasional shank. Better golfers will tend to block the ball right.

How to fix it

As you address the ball, draw your belly button in toward your spine to contract your abdominal muscles. Keep your abs tight as you rotate your chest and shoulders to the top. If you have weak abs, you probably tend to lift out of your posture, and that causes your sway. Taut abs will hold your posture, so you can turn more efficiently around your spine for a tight coil.

Bonus Tip

As you set up, make sure your right shoulder is lower than your left and your upper body is tilted behind the ball.

Darrel Kestner is head professional at Depdale Golf Club in Manhasset, N.Y.

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