Level Your Hips and Fix Your Slice

This story is for you if…

•You slice

•Your swing feels off balance

•You want more power

The Problem
You can’t get to your right side on your backswing and the resulting reverse pivot causes you to consistently slice the ball.

Why it happens
You have too much weight on your left side at setup because your hips are tilted the wrong way.

What to do
Make sure your hips are level at setup. If you slice often, chances are you stand over the ball with your right hip higher than your left. It’s a subtle mistake that places extra weight on your front foot. That extra bit of mass makes it more difficult to transfer weight to your right side on the backswing and execute a full, powerful turn behind the ball.

At address, your hips should be level. Level hips allow you to make a balanced swing and, importantly, position your right hip to accept weight and load up behind the ball for a power-rich downswing and impact. This change will make a positive impact on your swing immediately.

The Fix

Address your ball and then use your hands to adjust your hips into a level position (use your belt as a guide). For even greater power and to really lessen the chance of a reverse pivot, push your right hip down below your left. This allows you to accept even more weight on the backswing and ratchet up the energy of your swing.