Learn the Pop Piston Stroke

Learn the Pop Piston Stroke

The problem: On long putts, you have difficulty getting the ball to the hole with your Tour-style, back-andforth pendulum stroke.

The solution: A “pop piston” stroke will help you get long putts to the hole. The “pop” action on the backstroke, achieved by hinging your wrists, will produce more speed, and the “piston” forward stroke, achieved by moving everything in one piece, will maintain acceleration and let you strike the ball in the center of the putterface.

How to do it: Position the ball toward your left toe. Open your stance slightly to accommodate the forward ball position, and keep your eyes over the line of putt.

Place your thumbs on the top of the grip, with your left index finger on top of your right fingers on the target side of the shaft. Keep your weight on your left side, and anchor your right elbow against your right hip.

Push the putterhead straight back with your left index finger, and keep your right elbow fixed to your right hip. This will ensure that the putterhead stays on line. At the end of your backstroke, your right wrist should be cupped (bent back), creating wrinkles on the back of your wrist. Your left wrist should remain unhinged, so that if you were to draw a line from the back of your left wrist toward your elbow, it would be perfectly straight.