Learn the Elbows Secret for Monster Drives

Learn the Elbows Secret for Monster Drives

Bend your right elbow and your wrists while keeping your left arm straight to build up maximum energy at the top.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• You think you need a wider swing arc to bomb it

• You’ve heard you should extend your arms after impact, and you take that advice literally

The Accepted Wisdom

For big hits, trace a wide swing arc on your backswing, keeping your hands as far away from your head as possible.

How It’s Misleading

A wider backswing arc can add power, but only if it’s combined with these:

1) Straight left arm
2) Bent right elbow
3) Bent right wrist

At just about the time your hands reach knee high, your wrists and your right elbow should start to hinge so that, at the top, your right forearm and right bicep form the right and bottom sides of a box. Unleashing the fold in your right elbow and your wrists on your way back down is what gives your swing its power.

Don’t Stop There!

After impact, fight the tendency to keep both arms straight and “guide” the ball down the fairway. Instead, fold your wrists and your left elbow in your follow-through. This keeps your swing loose and allows you to release the clubhead so it doesn’t stay open through the hitting area. You’ve done it right if your left forearm and biceps form the left and bottom sides of a box at the completion of your follow-through.

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