Keys to Iron Shots

Keys to Iron Shots

Right elbow is directly on the front side of the right hip, not behind (trapped) or too in front (over the top). If you have trouble staying on plane, remember this right-elbow position.

Toe of the club points toward the sky. There’s no need formanipulation once the club is in this position — your body rotation will automatically square the face at impact.

Left hip is rotating to the left of the target while the club is still at hip height. This means that the downswing sequence is correct: hips, shoulders, arms and, finally, clubhead.

Club on plane the same plane that the shaft was on at address. When you’re on plane at this point in the swing, you’re free to fully release the clubface as you turn through the ball.

Left knee fixed so it can support the transfer of weight from the right side to the left. From this position, you’re all set to clear your hips and finish in balance on your left side.

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