Key to Solid Contact

Key to Solid Contact

All right-handed golfers, myself included, rely on our right side to create power in the downswing. My hips and shoulders rotate to the left, creating room for my right side to fire through impact. By doing that, I square the clubface and generate lots of clubhead speed. If my right side hangs back at impact, my contact is weak.

Shake hands in the follow-through

How It’s Done
Hold a club in your left hand and extend it toward the target–shaft parallel to the ground, toe facing up. Now stretch your right arm in the opposite direction, also parallel to the ground. Reach over with your right hand, as if you were going to shake hands with your left.

How it works
“Shaking hands” automatically shifts your weight forward. Your right shoulder will turn down and through, not out and away from your body, which saps power. Feel the right side working this way during the swing to hit the ball solidly, with maximum force.

Accuracy Keys
Annika Sorenstam takes pride in the fact that she hits so many greens in regulation. Here are her five favorite keys you can use to hit laser-like approaches to the flag.
1. Resist the urge to help the ball up into the air. Hit down on the ball, making a divot in front of it.
2. Turn your shoulders back to the top, rotating your left shoulder until it almost covers your chin.
3. Start the downswing by holding your hips and shoulders in place just long enough for your arms to catch up. Then direct all your energy toward the target by rotating your arms and body through the shot.
4. Choose a club according to where you want to land the ball (the “carry” distance), not the total distance to the pin. Factor in wind, lie and firmness of greens.
5. Be wary of sucker pins If the hole is cut close to one edge of the green, borrow a few yards in the other direction and make that spotyour target.

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