Instruction Videos

Instruction Videos

More and more golf professionals are using video technology to help students play better. The GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teachers are at the forefront of this movement, and here for you are five free video tips from some of the game’s best teachers.

How to Read Greens
By Paul Trittler

Paul Trittler’s method to holing more putts starts in the fairway, where you can see many of the greens rolls and humps most easily. He’s got other tips that can help you read greens more efectively too. See for yourself in his video. More…

Power Myths
By Tim Mahoney

With the best of intentions, many golfers will give you a tip to help you improve your swing that actually hurts your game. GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher Tim Mahoney dispels some common swing myths for you and adds power to your game. More…

Pitching From Uneven Lies
By Fred Griffen

Missing the green can often mean hitting a pitch shot when the ball is either above or below your feet. GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher Fred Griffen can help you understand how to play these delicate shots and hit them closer to the hole. More…

Bunker Basics
By Gail Peterson

Gail Peterson, a GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher, has a few simple tips to help you start slpashing your way out of greenside bunkers. More…

Cure Your Slice
By Mike LaBauve

If you are ready to stop slicing your tee shots and missing fairways to the right, GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Teacher Mike LaBauve is here to help. Watch as he explains why you slice, and then tells you how to straighten your tee shots and add power. More…

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