Indoor practice tips

Indoor practice tips

Your course is snowbound? Head for Basement National Golf Club and use the downtime to fix last season's faults and get your groove back — it beats hibernating until spring. "You should be swinging 12 months a year, at least five minutes a day, or you lose feel," says Gerald McCullagh. "If you're not swinging, you should be working on getting into the right positions."

Look in the Mirror
McCullagh learned this tip from British Open champion Henry Cotton: Place a strip of tape on a full-length mirror along the shaft angle at address and another strip waist high at the halfway point of the takeaway. Set up facing the mirror and practice taking the club from the first strip to the second.

Drilling the Wall
If you tend to sway on the backswing, try this: Place a pillow against a wall and rest your forehead against it, then make practice takeaways without moving your head.

Yanking the club inside on the takeaway? Set up with your rear end against the wall and bring the club back. "If you're too inside, the club will almost immediately hit the wall," says McCullagh. Practice going halfway back without hitting the wall to ingrain a better first move — and a better swing plane.

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