How Your Suit Can Be Used to Help Your Golf Swing

May 8, 2016

Make swings in your Sunday best. You’re gonna love the way you look.

Dress for Success

Grab a mid-iron, then go to your closet. Slip on a fitted suit jacket or blazer and button it up—the tighter the better. (Oh, and close the door. This drill works, but may draw some stares.)

Get Comfy with a Snug Fit 

Make your regular backswing. You’ll feel the coat’s snugness limiting how far you can take the club back with your arms, promoting torso turn instead. A more compact backswing fixes a host of mis-hits.

Get Connected 

Continue to swing the club up and down at half-speed without stopping, letting the fit of the jacket guide your motion. You’ll find it difficult to move your arms independently of your body. Embrace it. You are on plane and ready for dead-straight shots.

If you fight two-way misses—slice one swing, hook the next—I’ve got a drill that’s tailor-made for you. It helps you get your body and arms working together, so that you’re always on plane. Follow these steps, and in mere seconds you’ll be suited to a tee.