How To Swing Your Driver Faster

A: Look for an "X" here. B: Look for an "L" here.
D2 Productions

This story is for you if…

1. You struggle with distance off the tee.

2. You pay more attention to your backswing than to your follow-through.


You make contact in the center of the sweet spot, but the yards just aren’t there.


After impact, allow your left elbow to fold and your right forearm to cross over your left. Combined, these two moves will cause your swing speed to skyrocket and almost guarantee that you’ll strike the ball with a square clubface.

Picture your left arm and shaft forming a capital “L.” This will help you properly fold your left elbow. As far as your forearms are concerned, picture them making a capital “X” as your right forearm rolls over your left and squares the face. When these letters take shape, you’ll almost always land the ball farther down the fairway.