How to Swing Smoother Instantly

If you're tense or out-of-sync hinge the club up with your wrists.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• You often play the first few holes with a swing that feels tight or out-of-sync

• You don’t hit your irons very straight

The Situation

You’ve managed to get your first drive in the fairway — a lucky shot considering you didn’t hit a single range ball. But now you’re looking at 170 yards to the pin, and you know that a tight swing with an iron won’t get you home.

The Quick Fix

Setting the club correctly in your backswing makes a lot of the timing pieces in your motion come together, giving you instant rhythm whether you played last week or last year. Here’s how to rehearse it quickly while the other guys in your group hit:

1. Take your regular address position with a mid-iron.

2. Cock the clubhead straight up by hinging your wrists until the shaft is just short of horizontal.

3. Take the club back by bending your right wrist and bowing your left until the shaft is parallel left of your target line.

4. If you do it right you’ll see wrinkles across the back of your right wrist.

Go back to address and make your regular swing and see if you can get your club and wrists in the same position. Notice how the proper hinging action gets your swing off to a smooth start — you’re neither too rigid nor too loose. Use this drill before your real swings on the course. It only takes a few seconds to get better rhythm and set your club on the correct plane.