How to Stripe a Ball Below Your Feet

How to Stripe a Ball Below Your Feet

Take a wider stance and add more knee flex to lower your body and bring you closer to the ball.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

• You’re downright awful when your feet are higher than the ball.

• You have no idea how to handle these lies.

The Situation

You’re within easy mid-iron distance to the green, but the ball sits below your feet when you take your stance. Balance is an issue, but the real problem is that the ball is farther away from you than normal.

The Solution

Lower your body to the ball to make solid contact. Also, aim left—the slope will make this ball curve to the right, and the longer the club you use, the more to the right it will bend. Copy the positions below.

STAY PUT Your goal is to maintain your posture. If you straighten up, you’ll hit a low screamer off to the right. Swing at 70 percent so you can keep your balance.

REVERSE CHOKE You need every inch of your club to get down to the ball, so make sure you’re holding it at the very end of the handle—or use a longer club with a shorter swing.

ADJUST AIM For a 4-iron, aim 15 yards more left to offset the effect of the slope. However, for a sand wedge, you only need to aim a couple of yards to the left.