How to Stop Pushing Your Irons

Set the brim of your cap along the outer club on the ground at address and keep it there.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

• Your most common mis-hit is a weak flare to the right.

• You don’t feel balanced at the end of your swing.

The Fault

You try to correct your outside-in swing by dropping your eyes to the inside of the ball. When you do that, the top of your head tilts to the right, and your swing follows it in the form of a push.

The Fix

Next time you’re on the range, try this drill. Lay down two clubs parallel to the target line, the first along your feet and the second outside the ball, creating a track with the ball in the middle. Then make your swing while keeping the brim of your cap in line with the outer club. This will keep your head on your swing path. You’ll stay balanced and be a better ball-striker.