How to Stop Missing Four-Footers

How to Stop Missing Four-Footers


This story is for you if…

• You get nervous over short putts…

• …because you often push or pull them.

The Problem

When you stand over a four-foot putt, you have almost zero confidence in your ability to make it.

Why It’s Happening

Your setup is off, which is causing your putter to swing out of position on your backstroke. And since the putt is so short, it’s practically impossible to recover during your forward-stroke.

The Solution

The key to never getting out of position in your backstroke is to start from the correct setup position. If you nail your setup, you’ll be able to relax and make a smooth stroke by allowing the putter to move back and forth with your arms and shoulders while keeping your head still. Copy the positions at right.

EYES OVER THE INSIDE EDGE OF THE BALL: This gives you the best optical view of the target line.

HANDS UNDER SHOULDERS: This allows your putter to swing back and through naturally on the proper path.

SHAFT MATCHES THE FOREARMS: They should form a straight line. If they don’t, your putter is too long or too short.

HIPS OVER HEELS: This sets your weight evenly over your feet so you can stay still and balanced from start to finish.