How to Stop It Quick From the Sand

How to Stop It Quick From the Sand



You have a good lie in a greenside bunker, but you’ve short-sided yourself and have just a few paces of green between you and the flag. You need a high, soft sand shot that stops on a dime.

How to do it

Step 1 — Use your most lofted wedge. Position the ball slightly forward in your stance and move the handle of the club in-line with your right thigh to add extra loft to the clubface.

Step 2 — Spread your right foot back and dig both feet into the sand a half inch for balance. Your shaft should now point just left of the center of your torso.

Step 3 — Make sure your shoulder line and shaft line form a “T”. Your job is to maintain the “T” by swinging the club with your arms and your wrists, using minimum shoulder movement.

Step 4 — Keep your chest pointed down and swing your arms and hands underneath your body. This lets the club enter the sand with the loft you established at address. Move to your left side through impact and watch the ball fly high and land like a butterfly with sore feet.