How to Smoothen Out Your Chip Shots

How to Smoothen Out Your Chip Shots

For smoother chips, take the club back like you normally do. Then push your right knee toward the target.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

1. You don’t feel comfortable over short shots.

2. Your chip swing is mostly arms and hands.


The next time you practice your chip stroke, make everything the same — same setup, same grip, same ball position and same backswing — but on the way back to the ball, add a touch of lower-body action by pushing your right knee toward the target. It should feel like your legs are leaning in the direction where the ball is headed.


This extra bit of lower-body action makes your overall move much smoother, and eliminates the chance that you’ll flip your hands at the bottom of your swing and skull the ball. Plus, when you lean your lower body toward the target on your downswing, you lead the club with your hands and get that nice pop on the ball, lofting it gently into the air without trying to lift it off the ground. With practice, you’ll find this move easy to make whether the chip is short or long, giving you the confidence you need to get up and down from anywhere around the green.