How to Roll It Straight


This story is for you if…

• You miss putts left and right — even short ones you should make.

• You never think about how you grip your putter.

The Problem

As much as you try to take your putter straight back and through, you can’t seem to get your putts to roll straight.

Why It’s Happening

You’re gripping your putter just like you do your irons and woods. Your full-swing grip is built to allow the clubface to rotate open and closed during your motion. If you rotate your putterface open during your stroke, you’ll miss to the right; close it and you’ll miss to the left.

The Solution

Copy the grip in the photo, above right. Notice how the hands directly oppose each other (unlike your full-swing grip in the left photo). The opposing-palms arrangement makes it difficult to rotate the face during your stroke, so more of your putts can start on the line you’ve chosen.

Here are three quick steps to taking the perfect grip:

1. Place the grip through the lifeline on your left hand.

2. Place your right hand on the handle so that your palms face each other.

3. Adjust your grip strength so that it feels like you’re gripping the club equally with both hands.

Try it on the practice green to get as comfortable with this hold as you are with your full-swing grip, then go and putt the lights out.