How to Roll It Pure

How to Roll It Pure

Set the base of your neck parallel to the ground to set up a tension-free stroke.
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This story is for you if…

• Your putting stroke feels “forced”

• You think so much about mechanics you can’t make a fluid stroke

The Problem

You’ve lost confidence in your stroke, which has become a mishmash of triggers and compensations, which in turn just further erodes your confidence.

The Solution

In its simplest form, your putting stoke is a free-moving pendulum that swings around a single point. The key is to set that single point and let the rest fall into place. Reach around to the back of your neck and find that little bone that protrudes from the base near the top of your back. That’s your pivot point. Now, bend forward so that the bone and the base of your neck are parallel to the ground. Notice how your arms hang freely and your hands are directly underneath your shoulders.

This posture automatically creates the preferred pendulum motion. All you have to do is start your putter back, and it will swing back and through on the path you chose. It’s a simple, nearly thoughtless stroke that’s easy to repeat and that produces solid contact for putts of all lengths.