How to Roll It Pure

How to Roll It Pure

Putting between two clubs will keep you from cutting across the ball.
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This story is for you if…

• You have trouble starting your putts online.

• You try to keep your putterhead square to the target line.

The Problem

Your putts often skip and skid off-line. Like 90 percent of amateurs — and even many Tour players — you cut across the ball when you putt because you swing from inside-to-out, which causes skidding and sidespin.

The Solution

Concentrate on swinging the shaft — not the putterhead — along the target line. If you place your right forefinger on the shaft, imagine that you’re holding a pencil and try to trace the target line with your stroke.

The Drill

Take two clubs and line them up on each side of the target line — the back club on the outside and the forward club on the inside (see photo). Try some putts. The clubs will help you see your true putting stroke — most likely, it’s inside-out. Next, try some putts while focusing on swinging inside-to-in. You’ll probably miss the first few right (since you won’t be used to closing the clubface), but soon you’ll strike putts that start on-line and drop into the hole.

EYES Your eyes should be over the ball line or slightly inside the ball line.

RIGHT FOREARM Make sure your right forearm is directly behind the shaft.

SHAFT The shaft should be neutral, not leaning forward or back.

FEET Your weight should be toward your heels when you putt, not moving from your toes to your heels.