How to Putt on Windy Days

How to Putt on Windy Days

Move your chest closer to the ball to make your stance and stroke impervious to wind.
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This story is for you if…

• You frequently play in breezy conditions.

• The wind bothers you most when you putt.

The Situation

The wind is howling, and when you putt you can almost feel the breeze blow your stroke off line. The ball isn’t behaving very well, either. When you take your normal putting stance with a taller posture and your feet close together, you make it easy for the breeze to jostle you out of position.

The Solution

Make these changes to brace yourself — and your stroke — against the wind.

1. Move your feet outside your shoulders for extra balance and play the ball in the center of your stance.

2. Grip down on the shaft, with your right hand near the end of the handle.

3. Flex your knees and bend more from your hips.

This compact setup is less affected by wind and allows you to keep your stroke on line.