How to Punch it out of the Woods

How to Punch it out of the Woods


What you did

Missed the fairway with your drive. Your only play is a low punch under branches and out onto the fairway.

What’s your next move

There’s no need to reinvent your swing to punch the ball out. Just…

  • Setup with the ball in the center or slightly back of center in your stance.
  • Use a lower-lofted club even though you’re playing just a short shot—for example, use a 5-iron instead of complicating things by trying to die—loft your 8-iron.
  • Swing flat-footed and keep your weight centered. This helps you keep your balance on the often unstable ground under trees.
  • Slow down your tempo. This lowers your launch angle and imparts less spin, and those two things combine to create a lower, more controled shot.