How to Produce Perfect Speed

How to Produce Perfect Speed

Try this drill on long, medium and short putts to generate perfect roll from any distance. Position ball here.
Ian Logan

This story is for you if…

• You see your ball skid — rather than roll — off your putterface

• Your method for putting the right distance? Hit and hope!

The Problem

Your putts run way past the cup or stop short like they’re rolling through mud.

Why It’s Happening

You’re flipping the putterhead past your hands through impact and/or looking up too early to see where the ball is going.

How to Fix It

Rest any club on a tee, like you do when you try to keep your grip dry if there’s dew on the grass (the last two inches of the grip should hang off the tee with the clubhead pointing away from you). Place a ball as shown and make a stroke. Your goal is to strike the ball without knocking the club off the tee. If you flip the putterhead past your hands or rise up too early, you’ll knock the club over. After a few tries, you’ll instinctively learn what it takes to move your putter under the grip and make contact on the equator of the ball. That’s when you’ll get perfect roll and speed control.