How to Play Like the Best: Driving Distance

How to Play Like the Best: Driving Distance

Brett Wetterich.
Stan Badz/PGA TOUR/Getty Images

Category: Driving distance
Swinger: Brett Wetterich

How Brett Does It…

“I don’t do steroids (laughs). I think a lot of it’s natural, and I think some of it’s body type and strength. But I think it’s more how fit you are, too. I’m pretty strong, and my body seems to work together for me. Also, a big shoulder turn always helps. If you can make a big shoulder turn, that’ll help you hit the ball farther.”

How You Can Do It…

“A big turn is misunderstood by most amateurs” says Top 100 Teacher Mike Lopuszynski. “What is important is a proper coil. Most amateurs turn their hips too much on the backswing and have too much leg motion, which results in less leg drive on their downswing. Ideally, your hip turn should be about 60 percent of your shoulder turn.”

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