How to Pitch it Close Every Time

How to Pitch it Close Every Time


This story is for you if…

• You have trouble controlling distance on pitch shots
• You focus only on your arms when you pitch
• You’re frustrated with your short game

When you play pitch shots, you concentrate on swinging your arms and hands back and forth in a smooth, fluid motion, but still end up blading the ball or hitting too far behind it.

Try turning your torso a few degrees to the right as you take the club back, and then turn it to the left as you bring the club through. If that doesn’t help, try this drill:

Place a towel under each armpit and take your normal pitching stance. Try to hit 20-yard pitches without the towels falling to the ground. Keeping the towels in place trains you to connect the turning motion of your torso with the back- and-forth movement of your hands and arms. If you lift your arms in your backswing without turning your torso to the right, or slap at the ball through impact without turning toward the target, one or both of the towels will drop. The better you become at keeping the towels in place, the more consistently you’ll deliver the club on the correct angle through impact and produce crisp contact.