How to Pick Up 20 Yards

How to Pick Up 20 Yards


This story is for you if …

• You don’t feel a “snap” at impact

• The ball doesn’t come off your driver with much power

• You mix pop-ups with weak slices

The Problem

Your drives lack distance. You’re turning your hips, but not in the right way.

The Solution

This all happens pretty fast, so practice these moves in slow motion.

Step 1: Start down from the top of your swing by moving your hips toward the target slightly.

Step 2: With your hips set forward, turn them toward the target as normal and swing the club down with your arms.

Step 3: When your hands reach waist high, start moving your left hip up while continuing to turn it behind you. Your left leg should straighten as a result.

By moving your left hip up and straightening your left leg, you do two important things. First, you create resistance that your right side can smash through as you turn toward the target. Second, you ensure that your release happens at the bottom of your swing, not before or after. The combination gives you the explosive power you’ve been missing.