How to Max Out Downwind Drives

How to Max Out Downwind Drives


This story is for you if…

• You don’t know how to hit higher-than-normal drives without popping them up

• You’d like to take advantage of downwind situations off the tee

The Situation

You’re on the tee with a decent wind at your back.

The Play

Hit an extra-high drive so the ball can ride the wind and carry farther down the fairway. Hint: You don’t have to tee the ball higher. (That’s probably why you pop it up when you try to hit it higher.)

How To Do It

Keep your tee height the same but play the ball an inch forward of where you normally tee your driver. Take a wider stance (move your right foot about one foot’s width to the right) and tilt your upper body so that your head is over your right kneecap. You should feel like most of your weight is over your right foot.

Make your normal backswing, but as you come back down try to hang back on your right side a little longer. Don’t over do it — just make sure your head is over your right knee when you make contact. The momentum of your swing should pull you forward into your follow-through and finish. If it doesn’t, you’re hanging back too long (make a few practice swings to get this right).

Hanging back and moving the ball forward automatically helps create a higher launch angle. And the best part is, you don’t have to alter your swing or think about hitting up on the ball. This shot is also useful if you want to fly the ball over trees to shorten a dogleg.