How to Make a Smoother Stroke (And More Putts)

How to Make a Smoother Stroke (And More Putts)


This story is for you if…

• Your stroke doesn’t feel equal back and through

• You putt poorly under pressure

• You tend to yip short putts

The Problem

You can’t make a smooth putting stroke. You either yank the club back too quickly or jab at the ball through impact.

How You Know It’s Happening

For starters, your stroke just feels bad, and when the pressure starts to mount, it gets even worse. Also, you tend to leave long putts way short and jam short ones beyond the hole.

The Solution

After determining the line you want the putt to start on and taking your stance, count off as shown below.

This one-two-three tap sequence creates a cadence that gives you the right frame of mind and correct sense of rhythm to execute a smooth and symmetrical backstroke and forward stroke on every putt.