How to Make Breaking Putts Look Easy

How to Make Breaking Putts Look Easy

Play the ball slightly forward on left-to-right breakers. Play the ball back for right-to-left breakers.
Schecter Lee

This story is for you if…

• You know how to correctly read slope, but it’s not translating into more made putts.

• You always play the ball in the same spot in your stance when you putt.

The Situation

You’re on the green facing a tough 10-foot breaker. While you think you can read putts like this correctly, you never seem to play enough break.

The Solution

Think about what you do when you have a sidehill lie in the fairway: You adjust your ball position based on the lie (ball back of center when the ball is above your feet to fight a hook; ball forward when the ball is below your feet to stop slices). The same rule applies when you putt — a breaking putt is just an uneven lie on the green. Here’s how to give yourself a great chance to sink it:

If Your Putt Breaks Left-to-Right…

…you’re on an uneven lie with the ball below your feet, just like a slice lie in the fairway. Move the ball slightly forward in your stance, almost off your front foot. This will stop you from contacting the ball too soon and missing to the right (on the low side). With the ball a little forward, you’ll catch it pure.

If Your Putt Breaks Right-to-Left…

…you’re on an uneven lie with the ball above your feet, which is just like a hook lie in the fairway. To compensate, play the ball slightly back, toward the center of your stance. This will allow you to make contact with the ball earlier, so you don’t pull it to the left and below the hole.


Another good idea on breaking putts is to find your aim line and place your ball so that you can see the logo along this line. Then just trust the hill to bring your putt home. With this two-pronged attack, you’ll start feeling a lot more confidence over breaking putts.

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