How to Knock Lag Putts Tight

How to Knock Lag Putts Tight

Keep your eyes on the prize.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• You struggle to leave lag putts close enough to tap in
• You focus on the ball in your putting address because…
• …after all, that’s where all the action takes place, right?

You find it difficult to leave lag putts close enough to the hole to avoid three-putting.

You’re so concerned with your stroke that you forget about the most critical element of lag putting — distance control. It’s an easy mistake to make, because in golf, you focus your eyes on the ball, not the target. However, this impedes your innate ability to “feel” the distance to the hole.

Look at the hole while lag putting. This allows you to focus on the target and forget about your stroke and the ball.

The routine is simple: Stand next to the ball and make three practice strokes while looking at the hole. This gives you a feel for the pace. Select your starting line and set up with the putterface square to it. Then settle into your putting posture and, just before you start your stroke, look up at the hole. Think of it as playing a game of catch with the cup.

Don’t worry about missing the ball or making poor contact. Your hands and arms will make the necessary adjustments after a few strokes. Try it on the practice green first. If it works, start looking at the hole for putts of all lengths.