How to Hit Your Irons On Target

How to Hit Your Irons On Target


This story is for you if…

• You’re an inside-out swinger and you hit more hooks than straight shots.

• You’re an outside-in swinger and you hit more slices than straight shots.

Try This!

Bring a small wastebasket to the range and hit iron shots with the bin placed just inside your right big toe.

What It Does

If you hit the bucket, your right knee is moving out or to the right of the target. Your right knee should move toward the target (or even slightly left of the target). It’s an important move that allows you to roll off the inside of your right foot so you can shift your weight and spin your hips. Notice that when your right knee moves out, your right foot lifts up on its toe. This gives you zero leverage. When you’re stuck on your right side like this, the ball will hook if you’re swinging in-to-out and slice if you’re swinging out-to-in. Doing this move properly is as easy as thinking “move my right knee left, not out.” Do that, and the curve in your shots will begin to straighten out.