How to Hit Your Irons Farther

How to Hit Your Irons Farther

Make the widest backswing possible and you'll get instant clubhead lag.
Don Penny

This story is for you if…

• You hit your irons straight, but want to hit them longer.

• You’ve read about clubhead lag, but have no idea how to get it.

Try This!

Grab an iron by its hosel and make the widest backswing you can while keeping both arms straight. Stop when you feel tension in the left side of your torso. Now, drop your hands down toward your right pants pocket as fast as you can.

What You’re Doing

Feeling how clubhead lag — and power — takes shape in your swing. Notice how when you perform this drill your swing arc goes from wide to narrow, and how your wrists automatically hinge to their max capacity. In an instant, you look like Sergio Garcia.

How to Groove It

Do this drill over and over, getting a feel for the change in swing arc. Then turn the iron upside down and see if you can repeat it in your full swing. If you hit behind the ball, you’re not swinging your hands fast enough in your transition. The faster you swing your arms, the more your wrists will hinge and the greater the lag. Do it right and you’ll feel the ball explode off the clubface.