How to Hit Driver Off the Deck

How to Hit Driver Off the Deck


This story is for you if…

• You’re a low- to mid-handicap player—novices and high-handicappers need not apply
• Your fairway wood distance isn’t enough to get you on the green in two on par 5s
• You’re a gambler at heart


You’re staring at a par-5 green from the middle of the fairway, but it’s 20 yards farther than what you can hit your longest fairway wood.


Take a risk and try the most electrifying shot in golf: driver off the deck. Use the keys shown here:

• Aim your body to the left of your target to accommodate a fade ball flight.
• Play the ball off your left heel.
• Turn your shoulders under your head on your downswing so the club can swing to the left after impact.
• Swing your arms left of your body after contact. If you don’t, you’ll hit a big push slice.
• From the top, give the ball a karate chop with your left hand. This will help you keep your hands from over-rotating so you don’t hit a duck hook.
• Strive to hit the ball first and the turf second. Don’t think you have to sweep the ball cleanly off the ground—take as much dirt as you do with your fairway woods.


Only attempt this shot from a flat fairway lie when the green is unguarded in front. Allow for a slight fade.