How to Hit a Backhander

How to Hit a Backhander


This story is for you if…

• When your ball stops near a wall or shrubs that prevent you from taking your stance on the proper side of the ball, you have no idea what to do.

What It Is

An abrupt punch you hit with your back facing the target.

When to Use It

Any time you can’t take your normal right-handed stance. You could opt to hit this left-handed with the club flipped upside-down, but this swing gives you a little more pop (expect a good 20 yards from a decent strike) and is easier to execute because you use your dominant hand.


Step 1

Choose one of your wedges (these have the largest faces and you’ll benefit from a broader hitting area since you won’t be looking at the ball during contact).

Step 2

Turn your back to the target, stand about six inches to the left of the ball and grip your wedge with your right hand only in the middle of the handle. Flip your club around so that it faces the target and rests on its toe.

Step 3

Cock your club up by bending your right elbow (keep your upper arm as still as possible). Add just a touch of wrist hinge.

Step 4

Straighten your arm and slap the clubhead into the back of the ball. Make sure you accelerate all the way to the ball so that the club doesn’t flip past your hands.