How to Flop It High and Soft

How to Flop It High and Soft

Keep the cup in your left wrist to hit extra-high, extra-soft flops.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• You struggle when you need a high, soft flop shot to a tight pin

• You usually blade or chunk it when you try to hit one

• You’re actually not bad at playing flops, but you want to hit them even higher, softer and more consistently

The Problem

When you try to hit a flop shot, you either dig your wedge into the turf or blade the ball across the green.

The Solution

Make sure the bottom of your wedge — not the leading edge — makes contact with the turf, just like it does when you hit a bunker shot.

How to Do It

Set your feet shoulder-width apart, position the ball in the center of your stance and set your hands even with the ball. Note how this creates a slight cup in your left wrist. The secret is to maintain the cup throughout your swing. When you do, the bottom of your wedge will skip off the turf and you’ll catch the shot clean. Lose the cup and you’ll hit the shot fat or thin.

Maintaining the cup in your left wrist also adds to the loft built into your wedge, enabling you to hit a higher, softer shot with the same swing. As long as you keep the cup, you can make as aggressive a swing as you want. The harder you swing, the higher and softer the shot will fly.

NOTE: Check that there’s plenty of grass under the ball — flops don’t work off tight lies.