How to Fix a Bad Driving Day

How to Fix a Bad Driving Day


This story is for you if…

• You hit a lot of your drives into the rough — and probably a few OB — during your last round.

• Your inaccuracy forced you to try to guide the club, and that just made things worse.

Try This!

On the practice range, stick two umbrellas (or dowels, or broken shafts) into the ground a few feet in front of you and hit balls through them without any thought of the landing area. You’ll find it much easier to start the ball online.

Why It Works

Hitting through the door created by the umbrellas gives you extra leeway to start your ball on the target line, and this freedom will show up in your swing. When you become too target-oriented or try to pick very precise targets (something that’s often recommended), you’ll worry more about missing and end up making a rigid, overly careful swing.

On the course, picture the umbrellas in your mind’s eye and make the same smooth swing you did on the range. An extra benefit is that a closer target will keep you from worrying about trouble that lies far down the fairway.