How to Find, and Use, Your Dominant Eye

How to Find, and Use, Your Dominant Eye


Use the putting aid you already have and take this quick test to improve your aim and accuracy

What it means

Golfers who are right-eye dominant tend to see the hole to the right of its true location. The reason is that they set up with their right eye too far inside the ball and the target line. Initially, they push their putts to the right. Then they adjust their stroke accordingly (outside to in) and then pull their putts to the left on a regular basis. (The opposite is true for those who are left-eye dominant if the left eye is out of position.)

You can read your putt’s break and hit a perfect stroke, but still end up missing it because your eyes deceived you. Learn which of your eyes is dominant to account for this optical illusion.

About 70 percent of the population is right-eye dominant, which puts the trailing eye (that’s the one farthest from the hole) in the driver’s seat when putting. If this eye is not positioned properly, your view of the hole becomes distorted, lessening your chances of holing out. Not sure which eye is your dominant one? Take the following test.

The test

1. Take a toilet-paper tube and fix it over the ball so that both eyes can see it in the center of the tube.

2. Close your left eye. If the ball remains in the center of the tube (top photo), you’re right-eye dominant. If the ball jumps out of the tube and out of your line of sight (bottom photo), you’re left-eye dominant.

To set up correctly, follow this routine

  • Read your putt from behind the ball (left), crouching down so that your eyes are at the same height they’ll be during the actual putt. This way, you don’t confuse your brain and your initial read when you set up over the putt. The taller you stand, the farther away the hole appears.
  • Walk into the ball, aim the clubface and then take your stance, making sure to place your dominant eye directly over the ball and your target line. Your body should be parallel, or square, to the putt’s starting line. Use the tube when practicing to check your eye position.
  • Once your eyes are over the target line, swivel your head to take one last look at the hole and then stroke away.

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