How to Create Perfect Putting Impact

How to Create Perfect Putting Impact

The two-club drill trains you to lag the putter and roll it smooth.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• Your putts tend to skid offline

• You don’t know where your hands should be during your stroke

• You feel like you’re hitting down on your putts

Check this!

Grip your putter and another club held upside down as shown. Make your stroke and see if you can keep the shaft of the second club resting gently against your left side.

What You’re Looking For

The grip of your putter should be slightly ahead of the ball at impact. Allowing the putterhead to lag this way gives you a smooth, end-over-end roll. If you lose your lag, the shaft of the second club will press into your left side and the ball will come up short. Overdo the lag and the shaft will come off your left side, and you’ll drive the ball into the turf. Focus on keeping your wrists quiet and the distance between your elbows consistent from the start of your stroke to the finish. You’ll know you have it right if it feels like your left elbow is pulling everything along for the ride.