How to Chip With Precision

How to Chip With Precision


The Problem

You haven’t hit a solid chip in two years. You’re not catching the ball in the sweet spot, and when you do you have absolutely zero control of distance.

The Solution

Here’s a little-known fact about the chip swing that will likely cure your short-game problems for good: your hands and the clubhead should never get higher than your waist in your follow-through. Make a few chip swings and try to mimic the positions in the photo below. When you take this new move to the course, you’ll hit the crisp chips your game has been missing.


Bad things happen when you try to help the ball into the air. Swinging low-to-high like this produces skulls, fat contact and poor distance control.


Try to maintain the hand and arm positions you established at address. Turn all the way through the ball and trust the loft built into your club.

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