How to Chip it Close From an Uphill Lie

How to Chip it Close From an Uphill Lie

Play the ball forward, lean with the slope and keep your hands ahead of the clubhead.
Bob Atkins

This story is for you if…

• You often leave uphill chip shots short

• You’re unsure how to set up when your front foot is higher than your back foot

• You think you should “scoop” the ball from this lie

The Situation

You’re within easy chipping distance of the green, but the lie dictates that your front foot will be higher than your back foot.


• Lean into the hill. For a standard lie, your weight should favor your left side, but not in this situation.

• Try to scoop the ball. It’s a fundamentally unsound move, and the hill will provide you with more than enough “lift.” In fact, scooping is what you’re trying to guard against.


• Take one more club than you would when playing from a level lie, i.e., a sand wedge instead of a lob wedge. The slope adds loft.

• Play the ball between the center of your stance and your left heel.

• Lean away from your target so that most of your weight is on your right foot, and forward-press your hands just ahead of your zipper.

At impact, think about keeping the shaft leaning forward and your hands and clubhead finishing low. This will prevent you from popping the ball up and leaving it short.