How the Best Get Better: Sand Saves

July 4, 2008

Category: Sand Saves
Mover: Justin Rose

How Justin Did It …

“The bounce on a sand wedge is your friend, so I open up the face more to take advantage of that. Even for long bunker shots I have the clubface quite open because I want the club to bounce easily through the sand and lift the ball out. The shallower your angle of attack, the more you can take advantage of the bounce.”

How You Can Do It …

“During practice, try hitting some 7-irons from a greenside bunker,” says Top 100 Teacher Mike Adams. “Because it’s less lofted than a wedge, you’ll be forced to swing shallower to keep the face open and pop the ball out. After 10 or 12 swings, replace the 7-iron with your sand wedge. Your new angle of attack will make you a better sand player.”