How a Bad Swing Can Work

How a Bad Swing Can Work


Question: Which of the positions to the left is the one you should strive for at the top of your swing?

Before you answer, note that swing A is above the standard swing plane, swing B is obviously below plane, swing C is dead-on plane. The answer must be C, right?

Answer: Actually, all of the above are correct. It doesn’t matter where you are at the top, as long as you’re on plane when you bring the club down. Upright swingers like Jack Nicklaus and below-plane legends like Ben Hogan would agree.

The halfway point of your downswing is the real moment of truth. The way you put your downswing on plane is by pulling the club forward with your arms and hands while shifting your weight onto your left leg.

These moves position the clubhead in-line and behind your hands — exactly where it needs to be in order to attack the ball from the inside.